Grand Central Psychology
Grand Central Psychology is a private group practice specializing in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for adults, tweens, and teens. Our licensed psychologists utilize evidence-based protocols to treat a wide range of anxiety and mood disorders. Grand Central Psychology is currently providing teletherapy via videoconferencing and phone.
Amazon Prime Video
Amazon is doing its part to help kids and parents by dropping its Prime paywall. This means Amazon will provide full (and free) worldwide access to all its kids shows.
Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City
This video comes from Dr. Dave Price, who has been spending 12 hours a day treating Coronavirus patients at Weill Cornell Hospital in New York City.
Turning Green Classroom
Here are some fun green tips to do at home and share with your schools!
Time Out New York
We might be stuck inside, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our favorite family attractions and activities in NYC. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, local kids’ museums, artists, shops and businesses have shifted gears and made their services available digitally. Yes, we might be forced to get comfortable in our tiny apartments, but we can... Continue Reading →
The New York Times
The New York Times’ podcast, The Daily, offers a wide swath of helpful advice, including helping families to better understand coronavirus and answer a lot of their questions.
ReadWorks is here for families and, as always, invites any adult—parents, guardians, friends, and more to create free accounts to access high-quality reading material and instruction for the children in their homes. Reading Passages & Question Sets: ​search thousands of nonfiction and fiction reading passages at levels appropriate for Kindergarten through 12th grade. Your children... Continue Reading →
Keep things fluid at home and spirits high. The newness and novelty of remote schooling will fade as the weeks go on and routines will need to be tweaked to keep things moving forward in your home. Start thinking outside the box—have kids go into yards or into the hall “between classes,” stretch and bend... Continue Reading →
Lisa Damour
Lisa Damour writes the monthly Adolescence column for the New York Times, serves as a regular contributor to CBS News, maintains a private practice, consults and speaks internationally, is a Senior Advisor to the Schubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University, and serves as the Executive Director of Laurel School’s Center for Research on Girls.  ... Continue Reading →
Headspace offers mindfulness for your everyday life. Stress less. Move more. Sleep soundly.
Feeling trapped by your quarantine? Here are 9 Ways to Stay Positive During the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Dynamo Girl
Dynamo Girl builds girls’ self-esteem through sports and physical activity. We make your daughters stronger inside and out! Virtual Summer Camp: Our coaches will bring joy and movement to your daughter’s lives this summer with our weekly virtual class on Wednesdays from 11:15am-12:15pm. These classes will be similar to our Dynamo Girl after school classes... Continue Reading →
Christina Tosi
Most New Yorkers are utterly in love with Christina Tosi’s genius cereal milk ice cream and sugary cake truffles, but now you can learn her epic baking skills for yourself!
Camp Echo Lake
Camp Echo Lake is a full season co-ed sleep away camp in New York’s Adirondack Mountains. Since 1946, the Stein family has been providing summer camp experiences that are built upon a passionate dedication to human development. Camp Echo Lake is a loving and supportive camp community that looks for – and cultivates – the... Continue Reading →
American Girl
I’ve worked with American Girl to teach girls—and boys—about how to best take care of their bodies, minds, and spirits. I’m passionate about giving our kids the tools they need to be healthy and strong as this new coronavirus shifts how we need to think about taking care of ourselves, inside and out. We are... Continue Reading →
500 Spatulas
500 Spatulas focuses on every day recipes for everyone. Recipe testing = misadventures in being domestic. Recipe Highlights: Juicy Baked Chicken Breasts – Super easy recipe and a family favorite! Perfect Roast Chicken – Fridge to platter in less than two hours and looks and tastes delightfully impressive. Your New Favorite No-Knead Bread – Let... Continue Reading →