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Keep things fluid at home and spirits high. The newness and novelty of remote schooling will fade as the weeks go on and routines will need to be tweaked to keep things moving forward in your home. Start thinking outside the box—have kids go into yards or into the hall “between classes,” stretch and bend their legs, and then reenter the home.

If that’s not an option, do jumping jacks, pushups, or get silly and spin in circles for a bit to reset the stage.

It might temporarily hype them up, but the release of energy will be great for their brains.

Or make things fun by asking them to step outside the front door each morning then back in again, as if they are entering school. They can even don their coats and backpacks, visit at-home lockers, whatever makes them feel connected to school again.

And when all else fails, change up their space. Move artwork from the living room, or hang posters in their rooms for inspiration, or swap out the décor. Classrooms tend to be simple spaces that change looks seasonally or based on project. Kids are used to going outside for a visual break. So you may need to reverse this for a bit. If you can’t change your child’s outside world, change the inside.

This is an ideal time to start conversations about how your kids feel about their desks and clothes and empower them to make changes and choices—put them in charge. As one parent said, “My daughter went through her drawers before school so she could decide what she needs, and she cleaned her desktop as well. We agreed it is key to have her clean up her desk each morning so that she has a blank slate.” There are great habits to instill here and lessons to be learned.”

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