Mac and cheese
A classic comfort food has earned its place of honor. Today, July 14, is National Mac and Cheese Day! We did a LOT of research (my kids took this assignment very seriously), and the votes are in! With something for everyone, here are our favorite recipes:

Ultimate Mac and Cheese by 500 Spatulas

This recipe requires crushed Ritz Crackers. Do we need to say more? With four types of cheese (and the guest star ingredient), we love this for its rich taste and decadence. This was a family favorite for sure! Quick facts: 50 minutes total: 10 minutes prep, 40 minutes of cooking time

Hidden Veggie Mac and Cheese by Tasty

For those of us that might have picky eaters (me), sneaking in a vegetable here and there isn’t being deceitful… it’s seizing an opportunity! Am I right, or am I right?! This hidden veggie mac and cheese does the job. My picky 9-year-old had no idea that carrots, squash and cauliflower were in there. (Shhh, I won’t tell her if you don’t.) Yes, we’ll be eating this one again! Quick facts: 45 minutes total: 15 minutes prep, 30 minutes of cooking time

The Best Vegan Gluten-Free Mac ‘n’ Cheese by Minimalist Baker

With family and friends that have different dietary needs, I love to find dishes that we can serve when they’re over. This one covers all the bases, and it earns high marks in the delicious department! Quick facts: 60 minutes total: 5 minutes prep, 55 minutes of cooking time

Bon appetit! Don’t forget to tag us (@parent.list and #parentlist) with your creations! 

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(Photo via 500 Spatulas)


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