Rose thorn and bud

Prior to the pandemic, our family made sure to eat together every Friday night. While we eat dinner together every night now, we have kept one of our favorite Friday traditions: Rose, Thorn and Bud. While we eat, we each take a turn sharing:

  • The highlight of the week (the rose)
  • The hardest part of the week (the thorn)
  • What we’re looking forward to (the bud)

This is a mindfulness technique that my kids learned in school and, in turn, taught me. It gives all of us the opportunity to celebrate success, share challenges, and look forward to things. During this difficult time of physical distancing, it’s also given us the space to share some of the big feelings we’re having. 

It’s also provided some memorable moments… like when my Dad inadvertently announced my sister-in-law’s pregnancy as “the bud.” 

The greatest gift of Rose, Thorn, and Bud is that we always find things we are grateful for. Sometimes, things are tough, but we’re all in it together and there is always an opportunity ahead! 

Wishing you more roses than thorns, and plenty of buds ahead! 


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I'm a mom of two girls, ages 9 and 12. My daughters love to learn - math, science, reading and coding are their favorite things. Trying to navigate this "new normal" of parenting in a virtual world ... just like everyone else!

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