We’re bringing sports back in a big way this week: we’re all about frisbee golf! Frisbee golf is similar to traditional golf, but instead of using clubs and a ball, you throw a frisbee! 

Frisbee golf can be played just about anywhere: in your backyard, in a field, or at a park! All you need is a frisbee, some open space, and a target for each “hole” on your course.

Some creative targets/holes for course inspiration:

  • A tree: tie a ribbon around it, and determine how high above/below the ribbon counts
  • A can: decide if it needs to go in or land within a few feet of the can
  • A hula hoop: the frisbee has to land inside the hoop

From your starting position, throw your frisbee to the first hole. Go to where it landed, pick it up, and throw it again from there, each time advancing closer to the designated hole. 

The goal of the game is to get the frisbee to each hole in as few throws as possible (similar to golf). The person with the lowest score at the end wins!

By making your own course, you can decide how many holes you want to have and how difficult you want to make the experience. Don’t have an outdoor space? Trapped inside because of rain? You can play indoors! This Mini Frisbee Golf Disc Set (under $25) is a fun way to get started!

Just remember to yell “fore” before you “tee” off! 😉 


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