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Since many of our favorite summer activities aren’t an option this year (we’re physically distancing), we’re all about creating our own fun this summer. 

Each week this summer, we’re sharing an activity to do in your backyard (or a nearby park) that is low-cost and fun for one child, several kids, or the whole family. 

We’re kicking off our Parent List Backyard Fun Summer Series with a DIY Obstacle Course, inspired by American Ninja Warrior, one of our family’s favorite shows. Not only is this a great way for your kids to use their gross motor skills, but it really gets the energy out! Are you ready? 

Grab your “supplies”

Use what you have around the house, and bring your imagination! We’re using our kids’ staples (or items available at the dollar store) to get our obstacle course started. If you have additional items (like a backyard swing set, climber, trampoline, basketball hoop, etc.), add it in!

Here’s what we’re starting with:

  • Jump rope 
  • Frisbees
  • Pool noodles (bonus: place them over pens or plastics knives in the ground for stakes and to use them as tunnels)
  • Hula hoops
  • Soccer ball
  • Bucket (and a bunch of small toys)
  • Sprinkler (added water fun, especially on a hot day)
  • Cones 

Build your course and create activities 

This is all about the kids, so if they are old enough, they can help you build it! Just make sure to put safety first and have fun with it.

Need inspiration? We created a Parent List Pinterest Board of our favorite backyard obstacle courses. Make sure to incorporate activities to do as you go! Our favorites: jump, skip, crawl, balance, zig-zag, hop, throw a ball, and bounce a ball!

Have fun! 

Whether you’re timing the course, just trying to get through it, or giving a prize for the silliest costume, we hope you have fun! Share your backyard fun with us by tagging @parent.list and using #parentlist.


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