Like many families across the country, we recently learned that our beloved sleepaway camp would not be opening this summer.

Even though we had been preparing our kids for this, the announcement was still devastating. Admittedly, there was still some hope that some “camp magic” could make a much-deserved summer still happen.

Now, we are faced with the uncertainty of what to do once school ends.

I am hoping for a much-needed break from screens, but given that we are two full-time working parents and that our kids are not able to be 100% independent (9 and 11), that’s not a realistic expectation. 

We started to make a list of summer activities that we feel comfortable doing (i.e. maintaining a physical distance from others). Here’s what we’re excited for!

  • Hiking 
  • Kayaking (we’ll need to purchase kayaks; if you have a suggestion, please message me!)
  • 48-hour RV trips (we’re in the Northeast) to Niagara Falls, Maine, and New Hampshire
  • Golf (a 3- or 6-hole option at a public course near us)
  • Biking (although there seems to be a nationwide shortage of bikes (?!!!!) and none will be in our area until mid-july… we’re on a waiting list!)
  • Stand-Up paddleboarding (pro tip: you can buy inflatable ones that are easy to transport!)

What are you planning to do this summer with your kiddos? Comment below! 

PS – We just added a brand new category on Parent List with our favorite virtual summer activities. If you need some inspiration, check them out!


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I'm a mom of two girls, ages 9 and 12. My daughters love to learn - math, science, reading and coding are their favorite things. Trying to navigate this "new normal" of parenting in a virtual world ... just like everyone else!

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